6 Mart 2008 Perşembe

Crank Memorable Quote

Doc Miles: [Chev is running on the street, high on epinephrine and talking to Doc on a cellphone] Chevy?
Chev Chelios: Yep.
Doc Miles: Hey, we're in the air man. Did you get the stuff I told you to get?
Chev Chelios: Got it!
Doc Miles: Did you take it?
Chev Chelios: Took it.
Doc Miles: You took the whole goddamned thing, didn't you?
Chev Chelios: Yep.
Doc Miles: I said a fifth of a syringe. That shit's gonna kill you.
Chev Chelios: Right.
Doc Miles: Is your chest on fire?
Chev Chelios: Check.
Doc Miles: But you're cold?
Chev Chelios: Check.
Doc Miles: And you've got a steel hard-on, don't you?
Chev Chelios: Well let me check. Check!
Doc Miles: Well, that's the stimulation of your blood vessels. Your urinary sphincter's tight as a knot right now. You couldn't piss to save your life.
Chev Chelios: Urinary sphincter? Check!

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